Actually, our blog that we named it as "one minute herpes cure tips" is just a very simple blog that contains all things which it related to herpes. We created this blog to help anyone who wants to know more about "what is herpes" and on this page, we will try to provide a little bit important information about herpes, but you do not to worry because on the other pages on this blog, you will find herpes articles that explain in more detail.

What is herpes?

So far, there are two kinds/types of herpes that have been known, there are herpes zoster, and the second one is herpes simplex. You have to know that these two different types of herpes has caused by different virus. Herpes zoster is caused by the Varicella Zoster, and the second herpes type caused by simplex virus (HSV). The HSV virus also has two types, the first is HSV-1 and the other one is HSV-2. HSV-1 is usually affects the upper side of our body while the HSV-2 usually attacks the lower side of our body.

Based from information that we have read above, it can be concluded that herpes having two types and herpes attack each specific part of the body although it can occur in some parts of our body that are not mentioned in this article.

What are the symptoms of herpes?

From many sources that we have been found as from Wikipedia, when someone has been exposed by herpes, they usually can feel pain around the area that commonly contracted by herpes, it feels like burnt before it takes a wound. Wound that causes by herpes usually comes like the form of bubbles, then the bubbles will become red and it will be more or come in groups, well it also looks like a wound lymph and we will feel the pain when we touch that area. When the injury has arisen, people with herpes in general will feel the fever or headache, feeling tired, muscle aches, and other symptoms.

Actually, it will be easily to recognizable herpes in men, because the men can found the herpes area (like a bubble) fast and it will be seen clearly in the male genital area or around the anus. Whereas in women, we can't immediately see it because it's happening on the inside, even in the cervix but we can feel it pain when urination.

Herpes infectious? and how to prevent herpes.

Well, for those of you who want to avoid herpes, in this section you should take seriously. How herpes infectious between humans? how to prevent herpes?. Currently, free sex has become very popular style and the impact of this can be seen from the growth of herpes. Herpes (type 1 and type 2) can be transmitted through skin contact, yeah looks similar to other skin diseases, herpes can be spread by skin contact, for example is through kissing, having sex, or also oral sex. You have to be careful even though the herpes patient does not looks to have herpes, but actually the disease can be transmitted to you.

The good news is that we have to grateful is herpes does not often kill people even the disease is rarely make fatal effect, although the herpes virus looks so simple, but you have to understand that until this time, herpes cure has not been found and it almost similar to AIDS huh??

How do I prevent herpes or herpes virus?. As we all know, herpes is often transmitted through sexual intercourse, therefore, if you want to marry your partner, make sure that she/he does not have herpes. If your partner (husband/wife) was infected with herpes, you can use a condom to prevent from herpes attacking your body. In essence, this disease is very often spread through close, the disease can also be transmitted by a mother to her baby. So keep always carefully. Want more? please check another pages.

The Symptoms of Herpes - Feel and Know It

the symptom of herpes
Before you read more about the symptoms of herpes, you should better check by read the basic knowledge about herpes on this page here. If you are currently worried about herpes, you can know it by identity something new on your body and feel it.